Delivery to Somerset

Somerset delivery today. Why do you travel that far I hear you ask? 

As a small business with a very specific market, our customers are not just local. This customer has seen the 1920's style sofas we make on our website and made an enquiry back in February. He'd been looking for quality sofas and couldn't find what he was looking for until he found us. We discussed size, shape, fabric and after sending samples, a decision was made. He had seen on our website a small sofa with just one cushion, but he wanted a bigger sofa. We worked out what size sofa he could have based on the width of the fabric. A 50" single cushion and the overall length 63". Measurements all fine and the order was placed.

Lock down happened in March and we usually have 12 weeks waiting list. Although we worked in our workshop during lock down (it was very quiet on site), we ran out of sundries to finish and start jobs. The sundry companies were closed for the first six weeks, so we had to make and upholster what we could. When they re-opened, the NHS took priority so we had to wait longer. The sundry manufacturers were closed so nothing was being manufactured.

Gradually as businesses re-opened, we were able to take delivery of fabric and sundries and try to catch up. 

The sofa we delivered today was three months later than anticipated, but the customer was patient and after a six am start, we delivered just after nine this morning.

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Danish Chairs

Danish Chairs, such a huge choice of styles, and designers. What we love about Danish furniture is their core principles. Their designs focus on functionality and simplicity. Inspired by nature, you can see from the grains in the timber that it has been carefully chosen to ensure only the best grain is used. Expert craftsman have spent hours shaping the curves, making the joints which are designed and made to last a lifetime and more. Comfort is also at the core of design. Danish chairs are ergonomically designed so you can sit in comfort for hours. Many of our customers have told us they are the most comfortable chairs they have ever sat on.

What we do find it that many of our customers don’t necessarily buy a Danish chair because it Danish. They buy it because they love it. This should always be the case. Buy something you love and want to keep forever. Whether you want a statement chair or something more subtle, buying a quality Danish chair will hold its value and will be able to be recovered at a future date. When you buy Danish furniture, you buy for life. Now this has to be good for the environment.

Danish vintage chairs for restoration where you can choose the fabric

Danish vintage chairs ready for delivery


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Made to measure bespoke footstool

Bespoke footstool, made to measure furniture, that's sounds like I cannot afford it I hear to cry. Before you dismiss our offering then please read a little bit more. We make our own footstools. By this, we mean we buy the timber and cut it all to size. We have some sizes on our website which are popular and work, but if you want something bigger or smaller, we still have to cut it out. Our prices are based on the size, legs, fabric and finish you have. If you choose a £150 per metre fabric then it will be more than a £40 per metre fabric. The decision is yours.

If you are considering a bespoke footstool but not sure how to work out what is the best size, then a top tip is to place newspaper where it will be and play around to see what works in your space. If you are not sure about height, place books on top on each other to find the perfect height. 

Fabric is another decision. If you have neutral carpets and sofa then a jazzy fabric can really lift a room and add some colour. We are always happy to advise.

A bespoke footstool is also versatile. They can be used as a coffee table with a tray, and because they are made from a timber frame, they can be sat on and used as extra seating.

Have a browse at our bespoke footstool page to find some inspiration

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Danish Chairs by Kai Kristiansen

Kai Kristiansen has designed and produced furniture since the early 1950’s. Born in Denmark in 1929, he first started his apprenticeship as a cabinet maker, before enrolling at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1948. working with teak, oak and rosewood.

His designs are well know for  curves but also for comfort.  Kai Kristiansen collaborated with some well know makers including Fritz Hansen, and Magnus Olesen. Because his designs were so difficult to produce, they eventually went out of production. In 2014, Kai Kristiansen  collaborated with Miyazaki Chair Company in Japan to re-imagine some of his classics designs, which resulted in the Handy Chair, 4110 Chair, and Paper Knife seating collection.

Today, his vintage designs are highly collectable, and he is recognised as one of the most talented Scandinavian designers of the 20th century.

Kai Kristiansen continues to live and work in Copenhagen, working with designers and manufacturers.

We often have Kai Kristiansen chairs either re-upholstered or to be restored so please do get in touch to see what is available or browse through our website.

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We are Open after Lockdown

We are finally open after 12 weeks of lock down. It’s been a strange time for everyone, one day rolling into another, but we have been busy in our workshop. We’ve had orders to full fill, chairs and footstools to make and we’ve made a few deliveries too. We’ve delivered to Birmingham and Devon during lock down. It was rather easy with little traffic on the motorway. Social distancing was not pleasant when we delivered as we do like to stay and have a short chat with customers, especially when they are far away. We had to refuse coffee and cake when we would normally be thrilled to be offered but we were concious of not staying “just in case”.

We celebrated our 19th shop birthday whilst closed too as well as ours son’s 18th birthday. All very subdued and unreal.

We’ve been tiding up the workshop as we had a new delivery of Danish stock ready to be restored for when the shop re-opened. The workshop is full to bursting so we do hope you like some of our latest buys and that you may be tempted to invest in a piece for your home. Times have changed but with everyone working together and doing their bit, we can all get to some normality soon. Stay safe and please do come and see us very soon.

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The Benefits of Wool in Furniture

We use wool lots on our furniture. The wool we use is made in the UK which is one big benefit but here are many more reason to choose natural wool.

Wool is safe. It’s naturally fire retardant. It doesn’t drip, melt, or emit harmful fumes.

Wool is tough. Its individual fibres are comparatively stronger than steel.

Wool is cosy. It insulates noise.

Wool is fresh. It can help purify the air in interiors for up to thirty years.

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Danish and Mid-Century Furniture

Mark was trained 33 years ago as a traditional upholsterer, so when we ventured into the Danish and mid century furniture about four years ago it was initially a little bit alien to him.

Figuring out how to re-upholster something so different from a Victorian chair was both challenging, and a huge learning curve. You are constantly learning when you are a skilled upholsterer and craftsman.

We fell in love with Danish furniture. Its quite often simple, small but what was surprising is the quality. Quite frankly the build quality is superior to some of the British designs.

The attention to detail is also what we love about this Danish mid century furniture. Gorgeous grain in the wood, elegant shapes, we were converted! The other beauty is that style wise it fits into all styles of homes, and if you happen to be in a small space, it fits. With all the mass produced furniture out there, we cannot understand why you wouldn't want a unique piece for your home.

Restored and re-upholstered saves waste, timber and will probably last longer than some of the new furniture which is made today.

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