Edwardian Chair

When we first opened 20 years ago, Edwardian chairs were popular. This was due to the fact they were small, comfortable and good for posture. The problem we sometimes had was that when the frames were stripped, the rails could be warped, full of wood worm or just broken beyond repair. Although its great to re-use old frames, they often have a life span and do come to end end. I think if a chair has lasted 100 years then that's pretty good going! Its sometimes just isn't economically viable to replace rails and there is still no guarantee than once rails are replaced, the frame isn't wobbly!  Any wood we haven't used goes to a local artist who creates interesting pieces to sell, so the timber isn't wasted.

With this in mind and the fact they were a popular style, Mark decided to copy this style of chair. In fact we still have the original which we keep for reference. A beech hardwood frame, traditional coil sprung seat and a feather cushion on top for comfort. The original chairs didn't have a cushion on, just a sprung and stuffed seat. In the 21st century, most customers would find this too hard which is why we make a feather cushion so its more forgiving. There is still the support with the traditional sprung seat. These chairs also have a higher seat which is good if you need a chair that bit higher than some of the modern squishy chairs.

Over the years, we've made and upholstered these chairs in lots of different colours and fabrics. That's the beauty of what we do. A unique chair just for you.

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1960's Style Chair heads to Sheffield

As lock down continues, so does our business. In November I had a call from a lady who had seen the 1960's chair we make on our website in the two tone lime green fabric. Unfortunately, the fabric was not longer available so it was decided that she would like a raspberry colour to bring a splash of colour into her living room.

I arranged fabric samples to be sent and she chose the fabric which is on the chair. The textured weave is a new fabric from Romo's Oxley collection, an upholstery weave with modern charm; an intriguing combination of bouclé, undulating chenille and knitted yarns, with a tactile quality and colourful appeal. This was for the seat cushion and the inside back, with contrast detail buttons in the plain fabric.  The arms and outside back are from the Linara collection, an exquisite cotton-linen blend, Linara has a beautiful brushed finish with an exceptionally soft, peach-skin feel that adds a luxurious quality to this versatile plain. Highly acclaimed, Linara is practical and durable and with 360 colours available, there is always a colour which suits most homes. Both are hard wearing fabrics.

Delivered to its new home to be used as a reading chair, these 1960's style are chairs are both comfortable, practical and perfect if you have a small space.

These 1960's style chairs are individually hand made. It takes 32 pieces of timber to make these frames. The angles are complicated and not easy to get right, but if you look at the shape, you can see its not a simple design. This was copied from an original 1960's arm chair which we adapted for the 21st century.

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