Made to measure bespoke footstool

Bespoke footstool, made to measure furniture, that's sounds like I cannot afford it I hear to cry. Before you dismiss our offering then please read a little bit more. We make our own footstools. By this, we mean we buy the timber and cut it all to size. We have some sizes on our website which are popular and work, but if you want something bigger or smaller, we still have to cut it out. Our prices are based on the size, legs, fabric and finish you have. If you choose a £150 per metre fabric then it will be more than a £40 per metre fabric. The decision is yours.

If you are considering a bespoke footstool but not sure how to work out what is the best size, then a top tip is to place newspaper where it will be and play around to see what works in your space. If you are not sure about height, place books on top on each other to find the perfect height. 

Fabric is another decision. If you have neutral carpets and sofa then a jazzy fabric can really lift a room and add some colour. We are always happy to advise.

A bespoke footstool is also versatile. They can be used as a coffee table with a tray, and because they are made from a timber frame, they can be sat on and used as extra seating.

Have a browse at our bespoke footstool page to find some inspiration

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