Ergonomic chairs

Since lockdown, more of us are working from home which has lead to an increase in musculoskeletal complaints according to a recent survey. This is not really surprising with many sitting at work stations not designed for this and sitting in uncomfortable or inadequate chairs. This can lead to an increase in neck and back pain which can in turn lead to sleepless nights.

Investing in furniture which is both comfortable and stylish will lead to a more serene ergonomic home.

As home working shows no sign of abating, a good supportive desk chair is paramount. It should be supportive but also allow for plenty of movement. Standing and stretching throughout the course of the day will also help with circulation and will help ease strain.

Good sofas and chairs will also help support your posture. Mid century furniture and antique furniture is often more supportive due the lifestyle we lived. Sofas and chairs were in proportion so you could sit and your feet would touch the floor. 

All this type of furniture can be found here at A Little Furniture Shop. Many customers have found that our furniture is perfect for them as their feet can touch the floor for the first time when sitting on a sofa. Our furniture fits. 

If you want to know more then you can visit us in Shrewsbury, or telephone. We love to talk. Don't be uncomfortable for any longer.

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1920's Style Sofas
Tartan wool footstool

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