Lock down 3, month one

One month of lock down 3 already gone. January did feel like an eternity if I'm honest but we are into February now, snowdrops in the garden, daffs poking their heads through so it feels like Spring is fighting its way to get through, and our shop will hopefully be open soon.

I've been in the workshop almost everyday with Mark. I can tell you its not easy. There is only so much tidying up to do! We've made and sold some footstools in January, re-upholstered chairs for customers, finished off a chair which is heading to Sheffield, and currently Mark is in the process of making two 1920's style sofas for a customer in Chester.

We've restored a few pieces for the shop which are on the website, taken some orders for new pieces to be made, so keeping busy. It does feel different from the first lock down. There are more vehicles on the road than before, but its feels scarier than the first lock down as so many more have been ill with the virus. Thankfully, we've been lucky but taking care to make sure when we deliver we are masked and sanitized before and after delivery. Customers have been brilliant, staying at a safe distance but it doesn't feel good having to leave quickly when we have delivered. I do like a chat with customers but now is not the time to do so.

It's also our 20th birthday in May. Yes 20 years since we opened our shop in Shrewsbury. I still believe that there is a future for the high street but you need to come and support the high street retailers before its too late. Shrewsbury has many independent retailers who are here to offer great service which you won't get from Amazon. We all will be welcoming you back as soon as we are allowed to.

In the meantime, I will continue to be the apprentice in the workshop until the shop can be opened. Please do get in touch if you wish to discuss any pieces for sale.

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Tartan wool footstool

Who doesn't love a tartan wool especially one made in the UK? There are so many to choose from with some wonderful colours, there is bound to be one which suits your home. 

If you're not brave enough to have a tartan sofa or chair, then a tartan footstool is a great compromise. Tartans work really well with leather and can bring some extra warmth into a room. A tartan wool footstool can make a real feature of your living room but is something which is useful too. Use it as extra seating or as a coffee table with and a tray. You can of course just put your feet up in style.

We love tartan wools which have been manufactured in the UK. Our favourite companies are The Isle Mill and Abraham Moon and Son. Both companies manufacture their own tartans and have been doing so for over 150 years. We are proud to use these upholstery fabrics and always keen to support British manufacturing. Wool is naturally fire retardant so we don't have to use any chemicals to ensure it meets UK fire regulations. 

Wool is eco friendly. It uses significantly less energy during its production than manufacturing man-made fibres. Wool production produces lower carbon dioxide emissions and hence has a low carbon impact on the earth.

Old wool fabric and fibre can be recycled for many uses including insulation, as well as being an effective compost as it slowly releases nitrogen rich nutrients back to the soil.

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