Delivery to Somerset

Somerset delivery today. Why do you travel that far I hear you ask? 

As a small business with a very specific market, our customers are not just local. This customer has seen the 1920's style sofas we make on our website and made an enquiry back in February. He'd been looking for quality sofas and couldn't find what he was looking for until he found us. We discussed size, shape, fabric and after sending samples, a decision was made. He had seen on our website a small sofa with just one cushion, but he wanted a bigger sofa. We worked out what size sofa he could have based on the width of the fabric. A 50" single cushion and the overall length 63". Measurements all fine and the order was placed.

Lock down happened in March and we usually have 12 weeks waiting list. Although we worked in our workshop during lock down (it was very quiet on site), we ran out of sundries to finish and start jobs. The sundry companies were closed for the first six weeks, so we had to make and upholster what we could. When they re-opened, the NHS took priority so we had to wait longer. The sundry manufacturers were closed so nothing was being manufactured.

Gradually as businesses re-opened, we were able to take delivery of fabric and sundries and try to catch up. 

The sofa we delivered today was three months later than anticipated, but the customer was patient and after a six am start, we delivered just after nine this morning.

He told us its always a bit worrying ordering furniture from the internet that you've never seen or sat on, but he was thrilled and very happy with his new sofa.

A 6 am start, 285 miles but back home for 12.30 pm so not a bad day all round. The weather was kind to us too.



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