New workshop and showroom in South Shropshire

After years and years of working in cold, often dark and gloomy workshops, we have finally moved and opened our new one in Craven Arms. It has a large showroom so after much deliberation, we decided to go for it. It has plenty of space for Mark to work which has always been an issue. Mind you I expect he will manage to fill the space!. It has lots of natural light which makes life easier for Mark when working on close detail when upholstering. Above all it is warm and a very pleasant place to work, a good environment for both health and mental well being. 

The opening has been delayed as Mark hasn't been well. He may not be there everyday at the moment, so please do call ahead if you are making a special journey. If the lights are on but the door is locked, please knock. He may be in the back room making a sofa and cannot see the front door. We have furniture restored and re-upholstered for sale in the showroom, and in the storeroom, furniture to be re-upholstered so you can choose the fabric. 

Our new premises are in the old Robert Machin shop on Corvedale Road. This was a furniture shop until the pandemic, so I'd like to think Mr Machin would be happy to see us continuing as a furniture shop, although a different type of furniture to what he sold. He sadly passed away earlier in the year, so not able to see his old premises. Mark first met Mr Machin over 30 years ago when he started working for himself. Mr Machin offered Mark a workroom in the back to upholster furniture as Mark lived not too far away. He didn't take Mr Machin up on the offer but it feels like this has come full circle.

We hope you will visit if you live locally or are in the area. There is free parking right in front of the shop, and a large free car park opposite so very easy for loading. 6 Corvedale Road, Craven Arms. SY7 9NE We look forward to seeing you.

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Delivery to Essex

Covid 19 and lockdowns have made running a business so difficult over the last 18 months. We can now see a light at the end of a tunnel, but what has been amazing is the support of both local customers and visitors. We have been here for 20 years and I think this year I have seen more visitors than ever. What is also great is that they are enjoying the Shropshire experience and are spending in our local shops. All very welcome and needed to help all of us recover from this dreadful pandemic.

A lovely couple from Essex had just arrived on holiday as we were changing stock around in the shop when they came in at 7 pm. We were more than happy for them to have a look, so we chatted and they promised to come back the next day. They did come back and fell for our handmade 1920's style sofa. As it wouldn't fit into their car, we agreed delivery for when they returned home. We headed off to Essex at 5.45 yesterday morning, very little traffic and arrived three and a half hour later. They had the perfect space waiting for it and were happy for me to take photographs. 

If you are looking for a handmade sofa, then please have a look at what we can make for you. Shopping independently and with small businesses does not send us into space, but helps provides for our families. Thank you.

1920's style sofas 

1960's style sofas

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1920's Style Sofas

Our handmade 1920's style sofas are probably the most popular style we make. They are not too big, or deep but are comfortable and can be made to the size you want.

When we first opened almost 20 years ago, we sold restored and re-upholstered original 1920's sofas. Customers loved them but if they didn't like the fabric we had covered them with, or they were too big or small, we lost a sale. After a few years of selling the 1920's sofas, we were struggling to find them. Some we bought had warped rails, broken rails which meant the framed had moved, so some had to go to a friend for her wood burner. When a sofa lasts 80 or 90 years I don't suppose its bad value for money .

After some consideration as to how we could solve this problem, we came to the conclusion that customers bought our sofas because they liked them. The size fitted and we always used fabrics which were a bit unusual. Mark had been taught furniture making when he took his City & Guilds in the 1980's so he decided he would look at a frame and make one. You may think its an easy process, but getting the angles right, making sure joints fitted correctly, making sure rails were in the correct place so they could be upholstered, all took time to work out. He made a prototype and made a few adjustments, and today we have our 1920's style sofa which can be made to size. 

A square back or more rounded back, a lower back to fit under a bay window, not quite as deep due to not being 10 feet tall are adjustments we have made for customers over the years. 

When your 1920's sofa is made by owners who care about quality and attention to detail, you can be sure that we will talk to you and make sure its the perfect sofa for your home.

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