Love Seat

The love seat or snuggle chair or cuddle chair is a versatile piece of furniture. It is perfect for a cuddle with your favourite person, or great for curling up in if you don't want to share!

Our version of the love seat is a shorter version of our Danish sofa. When we decided to make these, our initial thought was this is perfect for ladies who want to curl up with a good book and a favourite glass of wine. 

It could be in a bedroom where you can escape from all the madness and relax in your favourite arm chair.

It could be the perfect tv chair where you can relax and watch television.

The love seat was originally designed for courting couples so the history books say. They could be close together without compromising their decency in anyway. They were designed in an S shape so two people could talk to each other whilst looking at each other and retaining a modest barrier.

Modern love seats are more of a small two seater sofa, so perfect if you do have a small space, but also perfect  as over size chairs.

Whatever the reason to choose a love seat, you can be sure that the ones we make are made to last a lifetime. Made from beech with a traditional coil sprung seat and feather seat cushion for comfort. Thousands of fabrics to choose from means the perfect love seat for one or two!

Orange velvet love seat

Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
Delivery to Somerset

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