Purple Velvet Sofa


You probably know we make a range of our own sofas and chairs, so when we are making pieces for the shop, its always difficult to decide on what fabric to upholster them in. The pieces are for sale and we also take orders from these sofas and chairs in the shop. 

Our latest love seat has been upholstered in a purple velvet. Now we know this is not a fashionable colour, but quite frankly we don't follow fashion trends. We are known for colour and something different. The purple velvet is just so rich which is probably why the Victorians loved it so much.  The velvet love seat is upholstered in a colour called deep purple and is from the Omega range from Linwood Fabric. Omega velvet is a sumptuous collection of richly-coloured velvets, produced by one of Italy’s leading mills. Made from polyester, Omega is particularly hard-wearing and durable but is designed to look and feel like more expensive cotton velvet. This stain resistant velvet offers a colourful new spin on an enduring classic. This velvet is perfect for families due to the 100,000 rub test. No need to worry the children will wear it out and with over 100 colours available, there is the perfect colour to satisfy everyone's interior needs.

We just love this fabric on the love seats we make. Cosy and soft if you want to snuggle up in, particularly as the nights are drawing in. We have the fabric books available for you to see in our shop, so please call in and we can arrange free fabric samples.

Purple velvet love seat

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Edwardian Chair

When we first opened 20 years ago, Edwardian chairs were popular. This was due to the fact they were small, comfortable and good for posture. The problem we sometimes had was that when the frames were stripped, the rails could be warped, full of wood worm or just broken beyond repair. Although its great to re-use old frames, they often have a life span and do come to end end. I think if a chair has lasted 100 years then that's pretty good going! Its sometimes just isn't economically viable to replace rails and there is still no guarantee than once rails are replaced, the frame isn't wobbly!  Any wood we haven't used goes to a local artist who creates interesting pieces to sell, so the timber isn't wasted.

With this in mind and the fact they were a popular style, Mark decided to copy this style of chair. In fact we still have the original which we keep for reference. A beech hardwood frame, traditional coil sprung seat and a feather cushion on top for comfort. The original chairs didn't have a cushion on, just a sprung and stuffed seat. In the 21st century, most customers would find this too hard which is why we make a feather cushion so its more forgiving. There is still the support with the traditional sprung seat. These chairs also have a higher seat which is good if you need a chair that bit higher than some of the modern squishy chairs.

Over the years, we've made and upholstered these chairs in lots of different colours and fabrics. That's the beauty of what we do. A unique chair just for you.

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Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric, luxurious, plush and lovely to feel. Remember that velvet has a pile. It will crush, mark and leave finger prints all over it. This is what it is supposed to do and does not mean that it is not hard wearing. If you want a fabric which will look perfect at all times then velvet is not for you. Its like having a deep pile carpet. It get squashed when stood on and velvet works in the same way. 

Velvet is not an easy fabric to work with. Fabric has to be stretched, pulled and moulded into place. When working with velvet it is impossible not to mark it. When a piece is ready to be delivered, it is brushed and sometimes steamed gently so the marks vanish and it looks almost perfect when delivered. Don't you think velvet looks much better after being used for sometime? New velvet will eventually has that lived in look. 

Velvet looks different colours depending on which way you look at it. It has a nap or pile so one way can often look completely different if you turn it upside down. Don't make the mistake of having a fabric sample the wrong way so always check if you are unsure. The pile runs down a sofa or chair.

Velvet is made in a range of yarns. 100% man made polyester to 100% cotton. Its all down to preference and price as there can be a big difference in price per metre. Velvet is also available is so many colours, you would struggle to find a colour which wasn't available.

It is suggest that velvet first originated from China in the 13th century and arrived in Europe via the silk roads. Probably made of silk, it was only for the very rich or royalty. Fortunately, modern manufacturing means that velvet is now available for everyone to buy. If you are unsure which is the right velvet for your home, then we are always happy to advise. We have a range of velvets including a washable velvet which would be unthinkable a few years ago. Please do get in touch to find out more.

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