Velvet fabric

Velvet fabric, luxurious, plush and lovely to feel. Remember that velvet has a pile. It will crush, mark and leave finger prints all over it. This is what it is supposed to do and does not mean that it is not hard wearing. If you want a fabric which will look perfect at all times then velvet is not for you. Its like having a deep pile carpet. It get squashed when stood on and velvet works in the same way. 

Velvet is not an easy fabric to work with. Fabric has to be stretched, pulled and moulded into place. When working with velvet it is impossible not to mark it. When a piece is ready to be delivered, it is brushed and sometimes steamed gently so the marks vanish and it looks almost perfect when delivered. Don't you think velvet looks much better after being used for sometime? New velvet will eventually has that lived in look. 

Velvet looks different colours depending on which way you look at it. It has a nap or pile so one way can often look completely different if you turn it upside down. Don't make the mistake of having a fabric sample the wrong way so always check if you are unsure. The pile runs down a sofa or chair.

Velvet is made in a range of yarns. 100% man made polyester to 100% cotton. Its all down to preference and price as there can be a big difference in price per metre. Velvet is also available is so many colours, you would struggle to find a colour which wasn't available.

It is suggest that velvet first originated from China in the 13th century and arrived in Europe via the silk roads. Probably made of silk, it was only for the very rich or royalty. Fortunately, modern manufacturing means that velvet is now available for everyone to buy. If you are unsure which is the right velvet for your home, then we are always happy to advise. We have a range of velvets including a washable velvet which would be unthinkable a few years ago. Please do get in touch to find out more.

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