1960's Sofa

The 1960's style sofa we make is quite funky and retro. The look can depend on what fabric you choose, but they are great for small spaces and can seat two with plenty of space.

These 1960's style sofas are not easy for Mark to make. There are over thirty pieces of timber involved to make this frame due to the angles and shape. Getting the angles in the right position can be tricky and time consuming, but worth the pain in the end!

A beech frame means these 1960's style sofas are made to last. The seat is webbed and has a foam cushion for extra support and comfort. 

Fabric choices are endless. Traditional or retro, you can choose which means a unique sofa in your home.

We deliver nationwide so take a look for fabric inspiration, or if you have a fabric in mind, please do get in touch to discuss options.

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