We are 18

Heather Maskill,14 May, 2019

Now how did that happen? Where has 18 years gone? May 2001 is when we opened, when the internet didn’t really exist for shopping like it does now. In fact, we are older than google! The whole world is a different place. We first sold Victorian & Edwardian upholstered furniture, now its so very out of fashion, with Danish and Mid Century on trend. We never used to make furniture, but as Mark has the skills and knowledge, making quality furniture to last a lifetime has also been added to the list. Its still all about the quality and attention to detail which our customers want. There is more cheaper furniture on the market than ever before, but in a world where we are gradually destroying the planet, we can only try and do out bit by restoring & re-upholstering, and making furniture which will last several generations.