Tartan wool

Heather Maskill, 1 Aug, 2017

Tartan is a pattern of criss crossed vertical and horizontal lines in multiple colours and there are some wonderful patterns available for upholstery projects.  Tartan was first woven in wool, and centuries later, still one of the most popular materials used to create a tartan. Tartan is a traditional piece of clothing, originally worn by Highlanders but was sought after by Royals too. One of the earliest references to tartan was by the treasurer of King James III who purchased a length tartan cloth in 1471 for the King and Queen. King James V wore tartan whilst hunting in the Highlands in 1538, and King Charles II worn a ribbon of tartan on his coat when he married in 1662. By 1785, tartan was a thing of the past after the government in London passed a law in 1746 which made the wearing tartan a penal offence. The law was repealed but the desire for tartan had died along with many of the weavers and their patterns. In 1822, George IV visited Edinburgh and suggested people should wear their respective tartans for official functions. New designs had to be made due to the loss of original designs but this was the start of the tartan revival. Now popular all over the world, and with thousands of designs, their really is a tartan for everyone, or indeed you could design your own.