Small sofas

Heather Maskill,25 Feb

Small sofas are just so difficult to find. I’m not sure why as houses are getting smaller so these huge ones advertised on tv makes me wonder who has a house this size for an enormous sofa? I suppose its the dream they are advertising and once you are in their store, with bright lights, chatty sales people, its sometimes difficult not to be taken in and have bought a new piece of furniture before you even know if it will fit! If you do know what size you are looking for, small is usually the most difficult to find. When our shop first opened in 2001, our restored Victorian and Edwardian furniture was small. People had small rooms (still do) and furniture was designed and made to fit in these smaller rooms. Even large houses often had smaller rooms. If you do know what size sofa you are looking for and have been struggling to find something not too deep, or wide then please do take a look at what we have to offer. Our frames are all made by us so if you need a sofa 5 cm shallower, then that is not a problem. We have made sofas for customers who have told us they’ve never been able to find a sofa where their feet touch the floor! If a customer has a narrow doorway, then feet can be left off some of our sofas and put on when in situ. As small business, we have more flexibility than some of the larger companies. We don’t have their huge choice admittedly, but what we do is quality without compromise, and an attention to detail that you don’t often get with the large mass produced companies. Please do feel free to get in touch.