Shipping to USA

Heather Maskill,20 Dec, 2017

We’ve just shipped a very large footstool to the USA and while you may not think its a big deal, it was for us. We’ve shipped small footstools in the past and to be honest, its quite costly, so when a lady enquired about a 30″ x 40″ kilim shipped, we really didn’t expect it to come off. Our furniture is well made so heavy. We wondered how we could even get it to Dallas, but did find online a extra large heavy duty box. The legs were screw fixed legs so these could be removed for easier shipping. It was wrapped to within an inch of its life, and strapped up so its wasn’t going to move an inch. It was taken to the couriers on Tuesday and arrived with the customer on Thursday afternoon. Brilliant service. It arrived in one piece and the customer was delighted. What surprises us the most is that in a county of  million people, this lady couldn’t find what she wanted in her own country. As a small business we usually deliver most of the furniture ourselves, so putting something in the hands of a courier, going half way round the world was a worry. We would obviously be more than happy to do this again if anyone in the USA likes what we do. The age of the internet makes this all possible in our very small world.