Quality isn’t cheap & cheap isn’t quality

Heather Maskill, 6 May, 2019

We often are told we are “too expensive”. Now what this often means is “we cannot afford you”. We know the furniture we restore and make is not to everyone’s taste. It’s not massed produced, not seen on tv and often far too challenging for some people. To do what we do takes skill. A skill which has taken Mark years to learn and indeed 30 years on, still learning. When we insist on quality materials, its not because we want to charge more, its because we want things to last. Our furniture is not disposable. Its made and upholstered to last. Not everyone wants this, but mass produced cheap furniture is not meant to last, or designed to be re-upholstered and quite often ends up in land fill in less than 10 years. Our furniture is individually made, and re-upholstered. No production line, one person from start to finish. No fancy machines cutting out the same template and nailed together, but pieces of timber cut and shaped, dowelled and glued traditionally. Most of our furniture has a traditional sprung seat. This means a long life for a seat. All of this takes time but if you can see the difference is style, quality and attention to detail, then you will understand we are not expensive. If you’ve been comparing us to the tv ads, then we will look expensive. You wouldn’t expect to buy a Ford car and get Mercedes quality, and our furniture is the same. Our Mercedes van is still going strong 8 years. Our small Ford van has gone after 4 years but was cheaper. Just remember, quality isn’t cheap, and cheap isn’t quality.