We are Open after Lockdown

We are Open after Lockdown

We are finally open after 12 weeks of lock down. It’s been a strange time for everyone, one day rolling into another, but we have been busy in our workshop. We’ve had orders to full fill, chairs and footstools to make and we’ve made a few deliveries too. We’ve delivered to Birmingham and Devon during lock down. It was rather easy with little traffic on the motorway. Social distancing was not pleasant when we delivered as we do like to stay and have a short chat with customers, especially when they are far away. We had to refuse coffee and cake when we would normally be thrilled to be offered but we were concious of not staying “just in case”.

We celebrated our 19th shop birthday whilst closed too as well as ours son’s 18th birthday. All very subdued and unreal.

We’ve been tiding up the workshop as we had a new delivery of Danish stock ready to be restored for when the shop re-opened. The workshop is full to bursting so we do hope you like some of our latest buys and that you may be tempted to invest in a piece for your home. Times have changed but with everyone working together and doing their bit, we can all get to some normality soon. Stay safe and please do come and see us very soon.

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The Benefits of Wool in Furniture

The Benefits of Wool in Furniture

We use wool lots on our furniture. The wool we use is made in the UK which is one big benefit but here are many more reason to choose natural wool.

Wool is safe. It’s naturally fire retardant. It doesn’t drip, melt, or emit harmful fumes.

Wool is tough. Its individual fibres are comparatively stronger than steel.

Wool is cosy. It insulates noise.

Wool is fresh. It can help purify the air in interiors for up to thirty years.

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