Knole sofa settee

Heather Maskill,16 Jun, 2017

The knole settee or sofa was first made in the 17th century but was originally made as a formal throne where a monarch would sit to receive visitors.  The seat is usually deep, with arms the same height as the back which are held up with heavy tassel ties onto wooden finials. Tassel braid was often attached to the bottom to show how expensive these settees where. Only the very rich could afford furniture in the 17th century, and upholstered furniture was quite often a thing a beauty to show off. Upholstered in colourful silks, the craftsmen who made these pieces were highly skilled and in demand. Fast forward 350 years or more and the knole sofa and variations of the knole are still made by quite a few companies today. Our version is copied from an 1920’s knole which isn’t as big as many but can be made to size. They are very comfortable and can sometimes be easier to get into smaller rooms as the arms detach and can be fitted in situ. If you would like to discuss a knole sofa, please do get in touch.

knole sofa settee

knole settee