How we make our furniture

Heather Maskill,20 Jan, 2017

The furniture we make is based on traditional methods and materials. Hardwood beech is traditionally used in making frames, so that’s what we use. We do this because we want our furniture to last a lifetime. We don’t make it to throw away and start again in a few years time. Some people think they won’t buy good quality furniture until children have left home as they think its not cost effective. Our frames don’t break (unless you get an axe to them) The thickness of the timber we use ensures this can’t happen. Four inch beech isn’t something which breaks easily at all. Our traditional sofas have have sprung seats. Each double coned spring is individually hand sewn and tied to the frame. We don’t use spring units. We do use pirelli (rubber) webbing on our 1960’s style as that is originally how they were made. This is strong but also easily replaced and cost effective. Natural fillings are used in our traditional sofas and chairs, and you can choose what sort of filling you want in the seat cushions. Feathers are traditional and we make the feather inners too. Feathers can be as firm or as soft as we stuff them, but with a traditional sprung seat, they stay firmer but you do have to plump. We buy the beech in 2.5 metre lengths and cut to size. This means we can make the exact size sofa you are looking for, whether you want longer, deeper, higher or lower at the back. We have customers who say most modern style sofas are just huge, with massive arms. Our sofas often have the same seating area without the huge arms which can take up valuable space. With a huge choice of fabrics, we can almost guarantee that having something made by us with be totally unique for you. We can advise on what may be the best fabric for your needs and what is the best way to care for it. If this sounds like the sort of thing you have been looking for then please do not hesitate to email or telephone.