Happy 16th birthday to us

Heather Maskill,27 May, 2017

Its our 16th birthday this Bank Holiday weekend. Yep 16 years since we opened our doors. When we first opened we sold a lot of Victorian and Edwardian re-upholstered furniture, but as times have changed, Mid Century is the current trend, and as I’ve said in previous blogs, we make a lot of our furniture now. Over the years we found that our customers bought from us because they liked what they saw and the quality which we are proud of, not necessarily because the furniture was old. I know up-cycling is trendy, but its what many antique dealers and upholsterers have done for years. It has just become trendier more recently. I do believe that the reason we are still here 16 years later is because we have changed what we make and upholster.  What customers also say to us is they love the range and diverse style of fabrics we use. Its not very often you see beige in our window! We try not to follow trends, we just like to be different and have furniture you probably won’t see anywhere else.  So after 16 years, I’m afraid we won’t be out partying. Two children since opening has put paid to that. We shall be have a relaxing short break, and be back after the Bank Holiday for year 17.