Bespoke footstools

Heather Maskill,14 Feb, 2017

We always think bespoke sounds expensive, but in reality, we think our bespoke footstools offer great value for money. We make all our footstool frames, which means we are cutting timber anyway, its what we do! The final cost of a bespoke footstool depends on three things: the size, the legs and the fabric you have on. The sizes we have listed on our website are sizes we have been making for years and they tend to be in proportion, and just look right. If you would like one a few inches bigger or smaller either way that doesn’t make it a bit deal for us as we are cutting timber to size. Over the years the smallest bespoke footstool was 12″ square for a lady who had made a tapestry whilst in hospital, and she didn’t want to put it on the wall. The tapestry took hours and hours of work, so she wanted to be able to use this everyday. The largest bespoke footstool was really for the end of a bed at over six foot. Legs can vary in price depending on what they are made of. We have some lovely walnut legs with a gorgeous grain through and these are more expensive that the beech ones we use. Fabric can make a huge difference in cost. The kilim fabric we use is £130 per metre which is why they are one of the most expensive footstools we have. We also have fabrics at £25 per metre and depending on what sort of look you are wanting, the chances are we will have a fabric which will suit your taste and budget. We are always happy to discuss your requirements so don’t be afraid bespoke might not be for you. It means that there won’t be another like it unless you order two!