Mid Century Furniture

Heather Maskill,30 Nov

Mark was trained 30 years ago as a traditional upholsterer, so now mid century furniture is on trend, some of it has been a bit alien to him. We’ve been re-upholstering more and now venturing into restoring some pieces and selling. We have now discovered Danish furniture and are both loving some of the designs. Its quite often simple, small but what was surprising is the quality. Quite frankly the build quality is superior to some of the British designs. The attention to detail is also what we love about this Danish mid century furniture. Gorgeous grain in the wood, elegant shapes, we are converts! The other beauty is that style wise it fits into all styles of homes, and if you happen to be in a small space, it fits. With all the mass produced furniture out there, we cannot understand why you wouldn’t want a unique piece for your home. Restored and re-upholstered saves waste, timber and will probably last longer than some of the new furniture which is made today. Keep an eye out for pieces turning up on the website.