Benefits of Wool

Heather Maskill,24 Dec, 2016

Wool has been used by humans for thousands of years, from ancient civilisation right through to the modern day. Here are a few facts about nature’s best-loved fibre.


How we make our furniture

Heather Maskill,20 Jan, 2017

The furniture we make is based on traditional methods and materials. Hardwood beech is traditionally used in making frames, so that’s what we use. We do this because we want our furniture to last a lifetime. We don’t make it to throw away and start again in a few years time. Some people think they […]


Bespoke footstools

Heather Maskill,14 Feb, 2017

We always think bespoke sounds expensive, but in reality, we think our bespoke footstools offer great value for money. We make all our footstool frames, which means we are cutting timber anyway, its what we do! The final cost of a bespoke footstool depends on three things: the size, the legs and the fabric you […]


Our story

Heather Maskill,13 Mar, 2017

It’s our 16th birthday in May. I’m not sure where those years have gone but I thought I would share some of it with you. Mark and I met whilst I was working for Yellow Pages, yes the days when the book was so thick you could barely lift it! He was upholstering and selling […]


Happy 16th birthday to us

Heather Maskill,27 May, 2017

Its our 16th birthday this Bank Holiday weekend. Yep 16 years since we opened our doors. When we first opened we sold a lot of Victorian and Edwardian re-upholstered furniture, but as times have changed, Mid Century is the current trend, and as I’ve said in previous blogs, we make a lot of our furniture […]


Knole sofa settee

Heather Maskill,16 Jun, 2017

The knole settee or sofa was first made in the 17th century but was originally made as a formal throne where a monarch would sit to receive visitors.  The seat is usually deep, with arms the same height as the back which are held up with heavy tassel ties onto wooden finials. Tassel braid was […]


Tartan wool

Heather Maskill, 1 Aug, 2017

Tartan is a pattern of criss crossed vertical and horizontal lines in multiple colours and there are some wonderful patterns available for upholstery projects.  Tartan was first woven in wool, and centuries later, still one of the most popular materials used to create a tartan. Tartan is a traditional piece of clothing, originally worn by […]


Mid Century Furniture

Heather Maskill,30 Nov, 2017

Mark was trained 30 years ago as a traditional upholsterer, so now mid century furniture is on trend, some of it has been a bit alien to him. We’ve been re-upholstering more and now venturing into restoring some pieces and selling. We have now discovered Danish furniture and are both loving some of the designs. […]


Shipping to USA

Heather Maskill,20 Dec, 2017

We’ve just shipped a very large footstool to the USA and while you may not think its a big deal, it was for us. We’ve shipped small footstools in the past and to be honest, its quite costly, so when a lady enquired about a 30″ x 40″ kilim shipped, we really didn’t expect it […]